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Saturday, August 18, 2007

Winner of the opening ceremony's prize

Hello... How have you all been?

Yes, I'm completely fine after my friend's birthday party... ehehe

As promised in the opening ceremony post (here) I'm announcing the winner of the 1984 - Olympic Games canceled S/S.... sound of drummers rumble... Emmanuel from Nigeria.


Here is the winning text he wrote me
(sorry but I had to cut some parts since it was too big!)


"I started collecting stamps in 1987, while still in junior secondary school. [...] I soon became familiar with the post office, where I could once in a while obtain as many stamps as my pocket would permit. As time went on, I was peeling off stamps from old letters, documents and whatever I could find just to build up a collection. It became quite sizeable, but I must say my ignorance at that time cost me far too much. My thinking then was to paste the stamps in a diary which I did, then I learnt that this act alone had made them valueless. Today I use those diaries as book as demonstration books to introduce the hobby to enthusiasts and for possible exchange.
In 1995, I learnt about the Calabar Philatelic Club meeting which I attended and officially registered as a collector.
My journey has been both exciting as well as exasperating- excitement at finding other collectors wants for exchange and exasperation at failing to meet some collection targets. [...] Learning about the stories behind the stamps and waiting for unknown opportunities is also great. These can be many or once in a blue moon. Stamps have made me well informed, much of the information I have acquired has come from stamps, and there is much more to learn.
During the years when NIPOST hiked postage in my country, it became difficult keeping up with the volume of mail. But today, things are looking up again. The Internet has been a veritable tool box to find, interact with and exchange or swap stamps and other philatelic materials with other collectors. [...] That said, just being a collector is not enough, be an informed one- properly educated on the nitty gritty of stamps, the items that matter and above all how to detect fake or bogus ones. Join the family of collectors.
Philately will cost you because you will need to subscribe to magazines that give adequate information. In 1999 during my youth service, I founded the first NYSC philatelic club in the history of
Nigeria at Katsina State.
Stamps have taken me to new frontiers and I am embracing it with a renewed vigor. [...]
Friends, do not wait on the sidelines to get involved. The King of Hobbies is a world waiting to be discovered. In it, you will find what makes royalty of ordinary people. Today, stamps are a money making venture if well developed and are well ranked in the area of tourism being good ambassadors to introduce the Countries they represent. "

The author can be contacted for possible stamps exchange at the address

Contributor: Emmanuel B Effa


(the email was published by author's request)

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