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Friday, August 10, 2007

United Countries of Harry Potter

As promised here is the next cover I've received today...

On this cover you can see one S/S from France - "Harry Potter" - Fête du Timbre 2007

Personally I like this S/S... I've never read any of the books' series because they just aren't my cup of tea... apologies to the fans! But i surely understand all the fuss around them... you can see all the madness of the book release day here ... I saw one or another Harry Potter cinema movie and they were good...

But lets get back to the stamps... There's a world fever for Harry in some Postal Offices around the globe... Another blogger and philatelist friend
*cddstamps* already talked about what happened in the UK with orders for over 300,000 issues... which is a major profit for their Postal Office. The same thing happened in France with stamps, booklets, M/S and S/S issued... like I said before personally I like the S/S above... but some questions arise:

1. Did the collectors buy these stamps because their countries' post office released them to make some easy profit and since they collect all their countries' stamps these ones ought to be bought?


2. Did the Post Offices issue these sets to fulfill the need of the fans and collectors of Harry Potter to have an extra item in their collections without thinking of company profits?

What do you, my readers, have to say about this? Am I being too naive or simply showing to be the Harry Potter fan I didn't know I was?

Please post some comments... or if you prefer just email me... I wonder how many Harry issues are out there... starting to get an headache just thinking about that! eheh

Goodnight and see you tomorrow in another stamp trip around the world!!!

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