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Tuesday, August 14, 2007

Post Office clerks

Why are some Post Office clerks so bloody annoying?

Today I went to my local Post Office to have some of my covers hand cancelled… you know how we philatelists like our stamps with nice cancellations… an there they refused to do it… why?, you ask… and so did I… I was told that from now on the stamps couldn’t be hand cancelled only done mechanically… by those machines that we all know that gives us some badly chapped cancellations… I reluctantly accepted it but of course filled my complaint… I only hope that it was just a bad day for the clerk and if not at least that this measure doesn’t spread nationally. Does this also happen in your country?

But let us forget bad things… that can kill stamp collecting… and talk about some nice things… About yesterday’s topic… Postage & Revenue … I thank all fellow collectors that sent me emails about it… so what was that cover?

GB Postal Stationery - Facial Value 2 1/2 d - Issued 1982
With 2 other stamps performing a total postage of 7 1/2d

Departure Date: London 29 Dec. 1899
Arrival Date: Hamburg 30 Dec. 1899

1 single day... London-Hamburg! WOW!!!!

Thank you Allan for the great explanation on the above Postal Stationery that you have left on Comments section... that was one priceless history lesson on classic GB philately... thank you!

Time for me to go and have dinner... Talk to you later... Lets see what you have to say about all this...

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