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Thursday, August 16, 2007

Hungarian Autopsy

Here is a cover that I've received today...
Follow me on what I like to call...

The Philatelic Autopsy

Country of origin: Hungary

Stamps: No. 2 . Currency: Hungarian forint (HUF)

Left Stamp: Depicts Gabriel Bethlen and was issued on year 2000 belonging to a 2 s/s set about Hungarian history. Since 1 February 1998 his picture is also on the Two Thousand Forint banknote.

Right Stamp: Issued 18 March 2004 in a set of 2 stamps about WORLD HERITAGE SITES IN HUNGARY. Depicts the Hortobágy that since 1973 it's Hungary’s first national park and is the largest protected area in the country and in 1999 joined the World Heritage sites.

Cancellation: Debrecen, second largest city in Hungary. Date: 2007-08-13

Postal Tariff: 50+170 = 220 HUF. Since 1 January 2007 Priority Mail from Hungary to European Countries is 210 HUF so it travelled with extra 10 HUF postage.

Hope you enjoyed this autopsy!
Take care!

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