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Friday, August 17, 2007

Compact Disk... Can you live without it?

25th Anniversary of the Compact Disk
( AKA the CD)

Today I'm leaving for a friend's birthday gathering... you can bet it will be great! Would you care to join me?

But before I go... let me tell you that today is the 25th anniversary of the creation of the CD. The 1st CD was released to the market from the Phillips Germany factory near Hannover on August 17, 1982... who could imagine that those so familiar vinyl records would be killed by the CD format?

A long time has passed... will this format reach his 50th Anniversary? Others have appeared... like the DVD and now the Blue Ray and HD-DVD (with a fierce fight for market leadership!) and yes... you can tell me... CD is also comatose because now we have digital music on MP3 but then I ask you who doesn't love to hear their favorite songs on a nice CD on their home stereo? Well... I sure do!

And what about the stamps... know any worldwide issues about CDs on stamps? I think probably there are some... Have any? Send me some images and there will be some surprise for you in the mail!

Have a great day... and stay tunned!

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