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Monday, March 23, 2009

Congratulations to SL BENFICA!

21st March 2009

he Final match between Sporting CP and SL Benfica for the Final of the League Trophy/Carlsberg Cup 2009!

SL Benfica 3-2 Sporting CP

A match is just a match but from it only one team can rise as the winner!

Congratulations to SL BENFICA!

Wednesday, March 18, 2009

AQUIHASELO - Science in Portugal

"In 2008, the “AQUIHASELO” hobby challenged the Portuguese once again to submit themes for this year’s philatelic emissions, and later to send in drawings for the stamps that were to illustrate the winning motives.
And the challenge was once again readily accepted and creativity revealed in a vivid way. Hundreds of themes put forward were voted by thousands of people. Of the five finalist themes, «Science in Portugal» was the one which gained the preference of the jury.
This year, the “AQUIHASELO” did not forget the younger ones and created a hobby exclusively for them – the ”AQUIHASELO JÚNIOR”– which winning theme was the «Multiplication table».
The growing number of people who have joined this initiative, held for the second year in a row, shows how far imagination may go when it flies on the wings of a stamp."
You can read more here.


2009 / 03 / 04

2 x €0,32

40 x 30,6 mm

13 x Cross of Christ

Saturday, March 14, 2009

We care

Cover destroyed (partially!)

Today I've received this printed apologies request by the US Postal Service! It was my first time.

Is it common for you to get this? Or you just don't care that they care?

Sunday, March 8, 2009

2009 International Women's Day

2009 International Women's Day

When we think of women we immediately think of our loved ones: wife, sister, mother, etc... or if not... we at least think of the most famous kiss in the world!

But never forget that not everything is heavenly when it regards to women around the world... here are some Global Issues ... (more details here)

* Females in developing countries on average carry 20 litres of water per day over 6 km
* Globally women account for the majority of people aged over 60 and over 80
* Pregnant women in Africa are 180 times more likely to die than in Western Europe
* 530,000 women die in pregnancy or childbirth each year
* World population hit 6,872,741,131 on 1 January 2009
* Of 1.2 billion people living in poverty worldwide, 70% are women
* 80% of the world's 27 million refugees are women
* Women own around only 1% of the world's land
* AIDS sees women's life expectancy of 43 in Uganda and Zambia
* 5 people are added to the world's population every 2 seconds
* Women are 2/3 of the 1 billion+ illiterate adults who have no access to basic education

And you? How do you treat women?

Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Pink Floyd

Postal authorities, leave those stamp collectors alone.
Hey, postal authorities, leave those stamp collectors alone!
All in all youre just another stamp collector in the wall.
All in all youre just another stamp collector in the wall.


It's time to say STOP to the high number of stamp sets that the postal authorities issue every year around the world....

Hey, postal authorities, leave us alone!