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Wednesday, March 18, 2009

AQUIHASELO - Science in Portugal

"In 2008, the “AQUIHASELO” hobby challenged the Portuguese once again to submit themes for this year’s philatelic emissions, and later to send in drawings for the stamps that were to illustrate the winning motives.
And the challenge was once again readily accepted and creativity revealed in a vivid way. Hundreds of themes put forward were voted by thousands of people. Of the five finalist themes, «Science in Portugal» was the one which gained the preference of the jury.
This year, the “AQUIHASELO” did not forget the younger ones and created a hobby exclusively for them – the ”AQUIHASELO JÚNIOR”– which winning theme was the «Multiplication table».
The growing number of people who have joined this initiative, held for the second year in a row, shows how far imagination may go when it flies on the wings of a stamp."
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2009 / 03 / 04

2 x €0,32

40 x 30,6 mm

13 x Cross of Christ

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