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Saturday, March 29, 2008

Registered cover sent within India.

This is a registered cover send within India
with a block of three definitive stamps showing
the tiger.

Monday, March 24, 2008

Australia: Birds

Hello collectors...!

Are you a fauna topic collector? Or maybe a bird collector? If so, you will enjoy the Australian cover that I have here to show you...

The 1st stamp on the left was issued in 1995, depicting Blind aid, in a 2v set.

The other 3 stamps showing different animals were issued in a 4v set in the year 1993. Very nice stamps aren't they?


Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Cover from Pakistan

Hello! Today I'll show you a cover from... yes... you guessed it right!... don't forget to VISIT PAKISTAN! (lower left corner of the stamps bellow!).

On the right side of this cover you can see a block of four stamps issued in 2006 depicting lakes...

And talking about lakes... that reminds me of a song... Good old days when people used to listen to Nirvana... don't you agree? :-)

Nirvana rocks!!!

Thursday, March 13, 2008

Germany Sports

Hello! How are you all?

Above you can see a cover sent from Germany with 2 stamps issued in 2004 depicting SPORTS!

Do you know what kind of cancellation was used?

See you soon!

Tuesday, March 11, 2008

From France: Fête du Timbre!

Today is... postcard day... yes, sometimes I like to let you see the kind of postcards I receive in the mail...
The one bellow was sent to me from FRANCE. On the front of the postcard you can see General de Gaulle - 18th President of the French Republic and a key figure in WWII - to learn more please click here.

On the back of the postcard (bellow) you can see a stamp and the cancellation of the french Fête du Timbre 2008. This event was created in 1938 and this year it has the goal to promote philately and the exchange of letters between everyone! Shouldn't this be the goal of all Postal Administrations?! I wonder...

Do you like cartoons? Aren't these little figures... drawn with a pencil... at least before PC animated cartoons... always present in the happiest corner of our minds? Hope they are in yours as they are in mine!

Have fun and watch some animated movies or read some comics! eheh!

That's all Folks!

Monday, March 10, 2008

Stamp Orgy!

Hello fellow collectors...

Today I have to show you... what some people like to call a stamp orgy... because of the big amount of stamps shown here!

Above you can see the front of the cover that was sent to me from Vietnam AKA The 'Nam!

The 2 flowers shown are ORCHIDS issued in 2001 in a 6v set. The stamp with the globe was also issued in 2001 depicting Environment.

The WWF stamps were issued in a 4v set (like all WWF stamps) in 2005 about the Owston's Banded Civet... for more information click here.

The last stamps... with a peacock-like bird are from 2006 and belong to a 4v set.

On the back of the cover (picture above) you can see another stamp issued in 2006 for the Year of the Pig and another one (left one) about the Year of the Monkey - 2003.

Hope you enjoyed this philatelic orgy!

Sunday, March 9, 2008

12 words chain!

I was challenged to make a list of my 12 favourite words... What a difficult task... Well, you know the song... Words don't come easy! (You can recall the song from the clip above!)

I'm sorry to all my readers for publishing something not stamps related but the person who asked me this is "no ordinary girl".

I'm publishing all the words in English since otherwise the majority of my readers' community wouldn't understand it.

1. Family - since you can always count with their unconditional support.

2. Love - something one would die for

3. Friends - who can spice up your life if not your friends?

4. Resourceful - yes, I've already told you that I liked this word, haven't I?

5. Serendipity - isn't life full of it? And also a great film!

6. Pure - because it's the meaning of your name.

7. Work - you can have a job and don't work at all - Where is the fairness in that?

8. Grand - because life should always be grand!

10. Floccinaucinihilipilification - The most difficult word to pronounce... that I know of!

11. Stamps - yes, I'm a collector!

12. Blank - because I need you to fill in the blanks in my life.

Since my readers are probably almost all stamp collectors I can't continue the chain. But I want to thank you... sure had a good time making the list!

Thursday, March 6, 2008


African continent!

I've received this cover today and has you can see it was sent from an African country... Republique Tunisienne!

The stamp on the left belongs to a set of 4v issued in 2003 about parks.

The stamp on the right was issued in 1996, in a 2v set, to commemorate the Declaration of 1987.

Yellowstone National Park

Tuesday, March 4, 2008

Japan... 2008...


2008... another year.... same old but interesting stamp design from Japan!

You could say: same old, same old design... but I would reply same old great design! Amazing... and so Japan-like.

The stamps on this cover commemorate New Year. Please notice the personal tabs.

Do you know what does ACPC stand for?

Monday, March 3, 2008

Tourism in Cuba

Above you can see one FDC that I've received just the other day... notice the snail on the cancellation... very clear and nice, isn't it?

The stamps on the envelope were issued last year 2007 in a set of 4v, depicting Tourism.

When will any of my readers invite me to go visit Cuba? I wonder...

Sunday, March 2, 2008

50th Anniversary of the Space Age

On a previous post here I've written about a set of stamps that would be issued by the UN post commemorating the 50th Anniversary of the Space Age.

Above you can see one FDC with a stamp from that set. It has the NY cancellation and was issued on Oct of last year 2007.

Interesting FDC... don't you agree? If you have the others please let me know and we could trade or I could buy them from you.

Thank you!