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Sunday, March 9, 2008

12 words chain!

I was challenged to make a list of my 12 favourite words... What a difficult task... Well, you know the song... Words don't come easy! (You can recall the song from the clip above!)

I'm sorry to all my readers for publishing something not stamps related but the person who asked me this is "no ordinary girl".

I'm publishing all the words in English since otherwise the majority of my readers' community wouldn't understand it.

1. Family - since you can always count with their unconditional support.

2. Love - something one would die for

3. Friends - who can spice up your life if not your friends?

4. Resourceful - yes, I've already told you that I liked this word, haven't I?

5. Serendipity - isn't life full of it? And also a great film!

6. Pure - because it's the meaning of your name.

7. Work - you can have a job and don't work at all - Where is the fairness in that?

8. Grand - because life should always be grand!

10. Floccinaucinihilipilification - The most difficult word to pronounce... that I know of!

11. Stamps - yes, I'm a collector!

12. Blank - because I need you to fill in the blanks in my life.

Since my readers are probably almost all stamp collectors I can't continue the chain. But I want to thank you... sure had a good time making the list!

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