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Monday, March 10, 2008

Stamp Orgy!

Hello fellow collectors...

Today I have to show you... what some people like to call a stamp orgy... because of the big amount of stamps shown here!

Above you can see the front of the cover that was sent to me from Vietnam AKA The 'Nam!

The 2 flowers shown are ORCHIDS issued in 2001 in a 6v set. The stamp with the globe was also issued in 2001 depicting Environment.

The WWF stamps were issued in a 4v set (like all WWF stamps) in 2005 about the Owston's Banded Civet... for more information click here.

The last stamps... with a peacock-like bird are from 2006 and belong to a 4v set.

On the back of the cover (picture above) you can see another stamp issued in 2006 for the Year of the Pig and another one (left one) about the Year of the Monkey - 2003.

Hope you enjoyed this philatelic orgy!

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