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Saturday, September 26, 2009

A380 Covers Catalogue

Hello, Hope this finds you all well. Been a while since I posted here but I just opened blogspot and this opened.. very odd. So thought hey I would write. Some of you are interested in aviation and aerophilately I know, so I thought I'd introduce a project I have just completed - as far it can be completed. A Covers catalogue for cddstamps (and some others) A380 flight covers.

I hope you have some time to view. If you enjoy seeing the covers, and pictures of crew I am sure you will enjoy looking around. It will take a while as every different cover is scanned, and as I say, there are pictures of crew signing. There is an Introduction Page, then a Table of Contents page with various boring details if you wish to buy a cover. Just one obvious point perhaps, if you view a picture just click back arrow to return to previous page. I have not had time to get too sophisticated in the code. Of you can access everything from the cddstamps website home page
If you find an error or bad link please let me know. I have tested it but I could have missed something. email as always at
Have a great weekend, Best wishes ............. Michael

Saturday, September 12, 2009

New Portuguese ATM 2009

Issue: 9th October 2009

Subject: healthy food!