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Tuesday, March 11, 2008

From France: Fête du Timbre!

Today is... postcard day... yes, sometimes I like to let you see the kind of postcards I receive in the mail...
The one bellow was sent to me from FRANCE. On the front of the postcard you can see General de Gaulle - 18th President of the French Republic and a key figure in WWII - to learn more please click here.

On the back of the postcard (bellow) you can see a stamp and the cancellation of the french Fête du Timbre 2008. This event was created in 1938 and this year it has the goal to promote philately and the exchange of letters between everyone! Shouldn't this be the goal of all Postal Administrations?! I wonder...

Do you like cartoons? Aren't these little figures... drawn with a pencil... at least before PC animated cartoons... always present in the happiest corner of our minds? Hope they are in yours as they are in mine!

Have fun and watch some animated movies or read some comics! eheh!

That's all Folks!

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