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Monday, August 27, 2007

Queen of the Caribees

Today I've received some stamps topic WWF from the country called Queen of the Caribees also known as Nevis. (yes... I also collect that topic! If you have some to trade or sell please let me know...)

Did you know that it is an island shaped like a sombrero?

Bellow you can see the nice cover where the stamps were sent in:

It's the 1st time I see a single stamp from the caribbean of such a high value! 20ECD... almost 6 euro! Have many stamps like this in your country? I sure don't!

And today was full of 1st times... since it's also the 1st time I see the text "Received in Taped Condition" on a cover... is it very common on the covers you receive?

Ohhh... It would be so good to right now be in the Caribbean! Wouldn't it?

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