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Tuesday, August 14, 2007

Meghdoot Cards

In response to the topic on the Meghdoot cards, I would like to add that I find these cards very attractive. I have chatted with Raghavendra in our chat room at and in the past bought some of these cards from him. Well, over 100 of them actually .

The question was raised, does Portugal issue this type of card? Well, I can't answer for Portugal, but, one thing that comes to mind when I see these Meghdoot cards is Belgium. Belgium produces cards that are called "Publibel" cards and they have advertising on the left side of them where the right side is left for postage, very similar to the Meghdoot cards. There is a specialized catalogue for the Publibel cards but it is expensive but worth it.

My questions to Raghavendra are : How long has India been producing these cards? Is there a specialized catalogue that lists these and other India postal stationery?

I find these cards quite interesting to say the least.

Happy collecting

Larry Matthews
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