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Sunday, August 12, 2007

200Kg of stamps

Good morning to you all...

Today I'm here to let you know about yesterday's adventure... I and some other philatelists from a national stamp club bought 200Kg of stamps in one lot.... yes you heard it right... 200Kg (more kg or less kg!) of must be wondering how crazy these guys are, aren't you? Well... I can assure you that we are that crazy when it's about stamps!

Inventory of the lot!

  1. 140 stamp albums
  2. 530 'ERSTTAGSBLATT' collection each bearing the stamp issue, cancelled by a special First Day of Issue cancellation
  3. 800 covers including FDCs
  4. Postal Stationery

So what does it have to do with me not having posted yesterday?!? It's quite simple... yesterday we all got together to split the lot between all of us! Can you imagine how difficult it is to split such a big lot? None the less we managed it and in the end the smaller lots looked like this:

Mine is the one marked 1 in the image above. I don't even know for sure what's in there since I didn't have the time to calmly go through it ... but there is lots of stamps and other stamps related items so count with other posts in the future about this lot with offers for trade, selling and also for sure give aways!

One special thank you to the colleague and friend that offered his home, food and of course wine giving us the change to pass another day celebrating this great hobby that's stamp collecting!

Now... off I go diving in my stamp box... see you soon!

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