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Tuesday, September 11, 2007

South Korea Autopsy

The Philatelic Autopsy: Season 1 Episode 3

Country of origin: South Korea

Stamps: No. 4 . Currency: won

Definitive Stamps: Issued 2006 in a single stamp with a facial value of 80 won depicting the Great Tit, parus major.

Commemorative Stamps: Theme "A Wholesome Internet Culture Special" were issued 20 April 2007 in a 2v stamp set. The design of each stamp stamp depicts The Internet Culture that Unites the World into One (left stamp) and The Internet Culture that Brights Up the Future (right stamp).

Cancellation: Bupyeong. Date: 7-9-2007.

Postal Tariff: 90+90+250+250 = 680 won. Correct postage for airmaill from South Korea to a Region 3 country for a up to 20g letter is 650 won, this letter travelled with an extra postage fee of 30 won (0.02 Euro).

Hope you have enjoyed episode 3 of my autopsy series!

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