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Monday, September 17, 2007

Czechoslovakia revisited

Do you like the FDC above? As a space/cosmos collector I really like it... but what's its real philatelic value?

And why do I ask this? Well... lets see...

It's a 1966 Czechoslovakia FDC with 2 of a set of 6 stamps on topic Space Explorations reused this year 2007. Extra stamps from the now Czech Republic were added to complete postage.

The 2 stamps from 1966 have a face value of 1.30 Czechoslovak koruna.

The others have a face value of 13.50 Czech koruna (current currency of Czech Republic).

My question is... should a FDC from a country that since 1993 is split into the Czech Republic and Slovakia continue to circulate from Czech Republic? Could it also circulate from Slovakia?

And in your country? Does something similar happen? Can you put in the mail your old FDCs?

I'll wait for your comments and ideas!

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