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Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Australia Blast Off! 50 Years in Space part II

Yes these are rather interesting stamps.... some details... as asked for by someone...

Issue date is 2nd October.. and withdrawal date is 30th October.. so a short issue life if you want to get them. You can order from Australia Post or I am willing to get a set for people if you cover all my costs. Email me at

There will be 5 50c stamps and one $1 stamp.. as you saw in the scan shown in the other posting here.

The paper will be gummed and self adhesive .. so two different sets. The printing process is Lithography.

There will also be:

1. a miniature sheet comprising the strip of 5 50c stamps plus the $1 stamp.
2. First Day Covers, one is gummed stamps, one is self adhesives and one is the Miniature sheet. Cost of those three is $10.40 AUS.
3. a prestige booklet ($ 10.95 AUS)
4. a collectors pack - whatever that is!!!

and, a limited edition ( 10,000 only) stamps and medallion cover ( $19.95 Aus)... plus gutter pairs plus plus... If you wanted one of everything you won't get much change from $100 AUS.

I'll be showing the FDC in due course... like as in after 2nd October...may even have one as a prize on my own blog.. or here as well :-)

Best wishes... Michael ( cddstamps)
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