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Sunday, September 16, 2007

Gargoyles in Paris

We will always have Paris...

Yesterday I went to a marriage... and yes, that's the reason for not having posted... but I'm glad for having great blog contributors that frequently post, and they post it good, don't you agree?

Well... all this to say that the marriage was in a nice church that somehow made me remember one postcard I've received some days ago... I have to be very "stampoholic" to think of it when I'm attending a marriage, right? The postcard bellow shows us the gargoyles on top of the Notre-Dame Cathedral... what do you think of these Parisian watchdogs? A bit static... I would say... probably not the best candidates for a breakdance!

On the back of the postcard were 2 stamps issued this year 2007. One definitive stamp of 0.05 Euro and a commemorative stamp of the WC Rugby belonging to a m/s with 10 stamps.

Talking about rugby...
What do you think of the Portuguese team?

Not doing a very bad work for an amateur team...
wouldn't you agree?

The last but not the least...
Let me Thank You

Thank you all... the readers of this blog... for making it pass the barrier of the 1000 visitors... Thank you... Hope you enjoy it and continue to visit!

Please remember that all and any comments are always welcome and appreciated.

Take care!

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