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Thursday, September 27, 2007

Nagoya Castle - Japan

Hello! Today I'm showing you one postcard of an aerial view of the Nagoya Castle. It's located in Nagoya Aichi, Japan. According to Wiki there's another castle named Nagoya in Hizen Province, interesting fact isn't it?
It was built around 1525. On top of the castle there are two golden imaginary tiger-headed fishes, motif used as a talisman for fire prevention. *Need to get some for my own home... you can't have too many fire protection, can you? More images and videos here.

On the back you can see 3 stamps... Of the 1st I didn't find any information... know anything about it? Issue date? Design? The 2nd and 3rd stamps belong to a 2v stamp set issued in 1971 about the Japanese National printing house. They are all very nice, aren't they?

Take care!
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