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Monday, September 3, 2007

FDC from Jamestown

400th anniversary of the settlement
of Jamestown

In the FDC above you can see the triangular 0.41USD stamps featuring a painting of the three ships that carried the first English colonists in 1607 to Jamestown, Virginia.

Do you know why the stamp is triangular shaped? Well... at first... me neither! But after doing some online research I've found out that the Jamestown settlers shortly after their arrival built a fort in a triangular formation with circular bulwarks, or watch towers, at each point. You can literally (virtually, that is!) visit the Fort at Virtual Jamestown! I'm sure you'll enjoy it... it's a return to the past in just a few minutes!

"the fort is called, in honor of His Majesty's name, Jamestown."

William Strachey,
Jamestown Secretary, 1610

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