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Sunday, September 23, 2007

Long live the Motorcycle

Motorcycles Issue from Portugal

A reader of the Blog told me that I wasn't showing enough stamps from Portugal... so since your wishes are my commands... today I'm posting a set that I like a lot. It's about portuguese motorcycles and has the new "order of Christ" perforation, can you see it?

Issue Date:
2007 - 07- 04

S/S Design:

0,61€ - QUIMERA Alma 1952 0,61€ - CINAL Pachancho 1958
0,61€ - SIS Sachs V5 1965 0,61€ - CASAL K287 1985

Stamps Design:

0,30€ - SMC - Nacional 500cc 1935
0,52€ - FAMEL Foguete 1959
0,61€ - VILAR Cucciolo 1955
1,00€ - CASAL Carina 1969

Time to check if I have one in my garage!

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