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Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Some A380 covers.. and advice

Hello everyone, Here is one I produced .. all details on my blog as you may know..
Hope you like this cover.. for my collection ... the crew were brilliant.. and not only for some of them signing a few of my covers
If you want to place an order for a cover please email me for details I only made 20 of each.. ( actually only 19 of this one as I donated one to someone but it did not have all the handstamps on it) .. many will stay in my collection the rest could be yours.. I even have some others I have not shown yet.. the Singapore Post issued FDC... again email me for details..

One thing I want to say to you all.. do read carefully what you are buying.. I have seen some items on eBay that I feel are pushing the boundary shall I say... Buyer Beware.. sadly some people are parting with their money too easily.. some person paid $180plus recently for a piece of paper with images of stamps on that was being given away free in a magazine. it questions the credibility fo the seller in my view.. but hey that is life I guess. also while I proudly plug my few remaining covers.. if you spend more buying fakes than one of my genuine covers.. I am sorry for you not for me.. enjoy your stamps.. be safe..
Michael cddstamps

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