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Sunday, October 28, 2007

October's CONTEST

Free Stamps

Hello stamps fans!
Yes, I know that it's a strange name... but if you can use the sentence "sports fan" to great someone why not using also "stamps fans" or the more erudite way "philatelic fans"! ehehe!

I was going through my stamps and found a nice set of stamps from Mongolia... don't know if it's a complete set or not but they are about moths and butterflies! Which ones do you like most? Moths or butterflies?

I prefer butterflies and you know what? If you tell me which butterfly I like the most... that may or may not be on the stamps shown... I'll send you this set for free! 1st correct answer to wins the stamps! So what do you say? Need a hint? Ok... I can do that. It's a butterfly that in one moment you are seeing it and in the other you are not! Easy, isn't it?
Take care!
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