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Saturday, October 13, 2007

Rugby and France

La VIe coupe du Monde de Rugby

Recently I've received this cover from France... and my thoughts when I received it were... What a strange looking s/s on top of the cover! But looking closer you can easily see that it's a fragment of a larger s/s issued 25.06.07 depicting The World Rugby Cup 2007 with having no more no less than 10 stamps in it! You can see an image of the full s/s bellow.

In it you can see many Rugby manoeuvres... La mélée, la touche, la passe, le haka, le plaquage, le raffut, la transformation, l'essai et l'attaque, and the fans!

The single stamp that you can also see on the cover was issued on 06.09.07 on the same thematics. The curious fact is that it is the 1st lenticular stamp issued by France PO. In it you can see a penalty being scored with the sense of motion.

See you soon!

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