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Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Portugal... MY STAMP!

Started yesterday 9th Oct. 2007 a new amazing service provided by the Portuguese Postal Office... But what service is that?

They call it MY STAMP and it's the 1st personalized stamp service in Portugal! But what makes it so amazing? Well... nothing really... it's very similar to many others that we know about from around the world and in my opinion it comes rather late comparing to other European countries.

But why would someone need this kind of stamps? Trusting PO publicity you should use them to free your creativity and make new stamps at your image... Well at 1 Euro per stamp with a postage value of 0.30 Euro it's an expensive creativity, wouldn't you say? But I think it can be very nice to a topic collector to make some stamps about designs that are worldwide unavailable in the topic he collects, don't you?

Dear readers... does your country makes these? Do you collect them? And if so why?

And another interesting question... do you think I should order some? On which topic? You can even send me images with your own ideas... I'll be waiting!
Thank you all!

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