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Tuesday, October 16, 2007

2007 Russia WWF Stamps

Unauthorised issue from RUSSIA
with the WWF Panda Logo

Russia issued recently this very interesting set about endangered species with the WWF (panda logo). But fellow WWF collector ..... and yes, I'm also one... beware... yes! beware! because according to GROTH AG and I quote: "This issue has not been authorised by WWF International and Groth AG. They did not receive the contract to use the WWF Panda Logo." So If you have decided to buy it... and I'm surely not telling you to not buy it... remember that it isn't an official WWF issue!

This isn't the 1st issue where something like this happens... so what do you think? Licit issue or not? Album or garbage bin material? Let us know your opinion...

PS. Stamp Collectors from Holland to help me with the Mooi Nederland S/Ss so far: ZERO!!
I'm very disappointed to see that none read my blog!!!

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