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Monday, August 11, 2008

Annie Oakley... Postcard!

Annie Oakley

Today I've received a postcard (with a female) from Canada... Yes, I also collect postcards with female figures and Annie Oakley is one very special woman.

On the backside of the postcard you can read:

Nicknamed "Little Miss Sure Shot", Annie traveled many years with Buffalo Bill's Wild West Show. Her accuracy with rifle and pistol astounded thousands who flocked to see the show. She once shot a cigarette from the mouth of Kaiser Wilhelm of Germany.

The stamps (all 2008 isses) used were:

1. Founding of Quebec City (joint issue with France), issued on May 16.

2. Royal Canadian Mint, issued on Jun 4.

3. Beijing 2008 Olympics, issued on Jul 18.

Thank you Carole!

A postcard will soon fly in your direction!

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