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Sunday, August 17, 2008

WWF Muriqui Monkey


I think you all know that I collect stamps related to COSMOS/SPACE and also WWF... Yes... I'm glad that you knew that!

Today I have the above FDC to show you... It is a local WWF FDC issued by the Brazilian Post Office and not an official one from WWF.

Myself, I prefer the local ones and not the oficial ones, and you?

This set was issued in 1986 and is the 1st WWF issue from Brazil! It depicts the Muriqui Monkey.The name muriqui comes from the Tupi Indians of Brazil.

In the wild, muriquis are restricted to small, isolated patches of Atlantic coastal forest in Brazil. There are fewer than 2000 muriquis remaining in the wild.

The majority of their diet is composed of leaves and fruit, but they also eat flowers, bark, and buds.

Natural predators of muriquis include felids, such as jaguars, as well as raptors, but because top predators require large home ranges, the isolated patches of forest in which muriquis live do not support these animals in high enough numbers to create a critical threat for muriquis at Barreiro Rico and Montes Claros

Information retrieved from: Cawthon Lang KA. 2006 August 30. Primate Factsheets: Muriqui (Brachyteles) Taxonomy, Morphology, & Ecology. . Accessed 2008 August 17.
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