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Friday, January 25, 2008

Norway Autopsy

The Philatelic Autopsy: Season 2 Episode 1

Country of origin

No. 4 . Currency: NOK

Commemorative Stamps (from left to right and top to bottom):

1. The goat stamp was issued in 1981 in a 2v set celebrating
Milk production.

2. The boast stamp was issued in 1987 in a 2v set about Paintings.

3. I'm sorry but I'll need your help to get some information about this stamp!

4. The last stamp was issued in
1980 depicting Norse handicrafts in a 2v set.
Cancellation: Sarpsborg. Date: 14-1-2008.
Postal Tariff: 1.50+2.70+3.00+1.80 = 9 NOK. Correct postage for A-Prioritaire from Norway to Europe for a up to 20g letter.
Hope you have enjoyed episode 1 of my 2nd autopsy series! Bye!
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