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Friday, January 4, 2008

Australia: 50 years of Television

Hello! Do you enjoy the Cinema? You know I do, don't you? I bet that you have already seen on the bottom of the right column of the blog my "NOW on Theatres" section with movie clips and trailers... haven't you? No? If not, take a look... they are very cool!

Yes, i know that the above cover is about the 50 years of Television and not cinema! But watching TV can sometimes be as relaxing and enjoyful as going to the cinema, right?

The stamps above are in a complete set issued in 2006 by the Australian PO. I don't know all the TV series shown but you can see from left to right:

TV series details based on the information of TV.COM website!
1. Kath & Kim - "Stars Kath Day-Knight, a cheerful 50-something divorcee currently in a happy relationship with her husband, the effeminate Kel Knight, her spoilt, ever complaining 25-year-old daughter Kim Craig, her unlucky second-best friend Sharon Strzelecki, Kim's estranged husband Brett Craig and their baby daughter Epponnee Rae Craig."

2. IMT - "In Melbourne Tonight (IMT) is seen as Australias first mainstreem comedy variety show, hosted by Graham Kennedy, who is seen as the Australian King of comedy."

3. Homicide - "Australia's first major drama series, and the most influential by any measure. Based around murder cases investigated by the Homicide squad at Melbourne's Russell Street police headquarters."

4. Dateline - here

5. Neighbours - "Now in its 23rd year of production, Neighbours is Australia's most successful television program, not to mention being a hit world-wide."
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