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Thursday, January 3, 2008

Cover from Russia

10 Years ago... in Russia

Date of issue

1st Jan. 1998
On the cover above you can see 3 different stamps of the 3rd Russian definitive issue.

They are:
0.10 (R). brown-ochre and black. Combine harvesters in field
0.50 (R). deep violet-blue and black. Post emblem
2.00 (R). myrtle green and black. Class VL65 electric railway locomotive

The other stamps in the set are the following:

0.15 (R). deep magenta and black. Oil rigs
0.25 (R). yellow-green and black. Herons
0.30 (R). deep bluish green and black. Radio mast
1.00 (R). orange-vermilion and dull ultramarine. State flag and arms
1.50 (R). turquoise-blue and black. Electric pylons and generating equipment
2.50 (R). red and black. Moscow Kremlin
3.00 (R). violet and black. Space satellite
5.00 (R). light brown and black. Pianist and theatre

What do you think of definitive stamps? Do you like to collect them? Or do you prefer to collect only commemorative ones?
In my collection I can find space for all... specially if space related... Maybe one of my Russian blog readers could send me a cover using only the 3.00 (R) Space satellite stamp. Great idea, isn't it? If you can do it... thank you!!
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