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Saturday, January 5, 2008

2008 DAKAR cancelled

2008 Lisbon-Dakar is a no go!

As you all probably know the 2008 Dakar, that was going to start at the Portuguese Capital City - Lisbon, was cancelled because of security reasons.

Nonetheless today Portugal will still issue a set of stamps in the form of a S/S commemorating the Dakar event!

The reason for not having the issue cancelled was that many of the S/S were already been distributed to sellers inside Portugal and abroad. And as we all know when a Postal Authority (PA) decides to withdraw a stamp issue some few stamps still get sold and reach an extremely high market value... Remember a recent case in Australia... and for fighting those situations Portuguese PA decided to still issue the Dakar S/S!

In my opinion was the right thing to do. What do you think?

I will post some more images ASAP! Have a great Saturday!

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