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Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Portuguese anti-smoking law

Since the first ever issued stamp on anti smoking campaigns by Czechoslovakia in 1976 till

2007 with the issue of another stamp set now from Paraguay... a long time has passed and many were said about smoking and its consequences!

Starting 1 Jan. 2008 Portugal will officially have an anti smoking law... so If you're planning on taking a trip please remember that you will be prohibited to smoke in:
- Public Administration Offices
- Health and Teaching facilities
- Areas with under-age persons
- Work Places
- Public Transports
- Shopping Malls
- Restaurants
- Pubs and Discos
- Museums
- Libraries
- Theatres
- Indoor sports areas
- Airports
- Bus, Rail and Boat Stations
- Fairs and Exhibit areas
- Indoor parking lots

So what do you think of it?
Win-Win situation or a No go?
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