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Sunday, December 30, 2007

Algerian Cover

Airmail: ALGERIA

Algeria is an African country from where I don't receive many covers but they have very interesting stamps as you can see from the cover bellow.

They don't issue many stamp sets per year (around 20 sets), which makes it an interesting country to collect!

All the stamps on the cover were issued this year 2007 and from left to right you can see:

1. Afr0-Asian 2nd games issued in a 1v set. - here

Lighthouses, 3v set - Le phare de l'îlot d'Arzew - here

3. Animals
, 2v set - La hyène rayée - here

Probably this will be my last post this year so I wish you all a great 2008!!!
Enjoy the reveillon!!!

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