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Friday, December 14, 2007

Merry Xmas ... again

From Spain

Hello! Today another wish of a Merry Christmas... this time from a very close country... yes you guessed it right... SPAIN!

The stamp used on the cover was issued
31/10/2007 and it belongs to a set of 2 self-adhesive stamps celebrating Xmas!

Spanish PO says "In these stamps devoted to Christmas, there is one modern design symbolising the Christmas festivity and a classic motif of renowned fame.
This year, the stamp devoted to the modern design features the work of the Catalan born illustrator, Joan Ferràndiz, whilst the classic theme depicts a fragment of the altarpiece of the chapel of the Sacramento representing the Epiphany in the cathedral of Huesca, by master sculptor from Valencia, Damián Forment." More details and images here.

...don't forget... use an extra jacket... 'cause cold is coming to town!
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