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Monday, December 17, 2007

Christmas week

Hello everyone!!

Since Xmas is just around the corner I will post one Xmas topic each day until the day Santa arrives to town (24th December midnight!!) What do you think of this? Would you like it?

I will probably need your help because Christmas isn't a topic that I collect much so If you have any interesting items (stamps, FDCs, covers, postcards...) to show in the blog please email me at Thank you!

Today is Malawi's day! It's a country located in southeastern Africa. It is bordered by Zambia to the north-west, Tanzania to the north and Mozambique, which surrounds it on the east, south and west.

This set was issued 12 Dec. 1975 in a 4v set.

From left to right and top to bottom, you can see: 1. The adoration of the magi morse 2. The nativity tablet 3. The adoration of the magi tablet 4. The angel appearing to the sheperds medallion

Be good or your xmas present will be coal... and not stamps!!!

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