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Monday, December 3, 2007

Norse Mythology

Norse Mythology from Norway

What is there with mythology that always makes me wonder.... doesn't that happen to you?

In a joint three-part stamp series, the Nordic postal administrations are giving us an insight into Norse mythology.

From time immemorial, Nordic folklore has it that these beings exist, scaring and fascinating mankind. The existence of these beings served as an explanation to most natural phenomena and was also practical in child upbringing.

Norway’s subjects this time are a Sami shaman’s drum and a detail from a door panel in a stave church.

The Shaman’s drum, with its runic symbols, was used to accompany the Sami joik. The sound of the drum helped the shaman to fall into a trance and travel in the spirit world.

Door panel detail from Hylestad Stave Church
(now in the Museum of National Antiquities in Oslo), showing the dragon, Fafnir.

Like a children story but much more terrific!

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