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Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Cat Post: Qiandao Lake

The Miniature Sheet about Qiandao Lake scenic area in HangZhou, China has been issued in April,2009.

This Miniature was planed to be issued in 2006, but since the design couldn't satisfy the China the plan of issuing this miniature was delayed. Finally, in the year of 2009, this miniature is issued. However, lots of the critics think that this miniature cannot show the real scenery of the Qiandao Lake scenic area, they think that this miniature only covers about 6 or 7 islands, which can't be called Qiandao, which means lots of islands in Chinese.

So i put the pictures of the real scenery of the Qiandao Lake scenic area and the postcard about this scenery and also the miniature.

Do you think this miniature can show the real scenery?

-By Cat (from China)

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