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Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Poland --- Cover!

" A little about this cover:

From time to time philatelists in Poland prepare the car post, the motorcycle post, the railway post and so on.

What does it mean?

The letter is sent to the post office X, they place on the cover a special postmark, next it is transported by car, motorcycle... to the post office Y, usually there is cancelled again with a different postmark (in connection to te 1st one) and then the letter is sent to the addressee.
Tbere are additionall postmarks informing p.e the car post (like this time).

The postmarks tell about the Polish national anthem: one (used in Srem) shows Wybicki, the author of the anthem and the 2nd one (used in Poznan) shows Polish Czarniecki, mentioned in the anthem.

The stamps shows the White Eagle - Polish National coat of arms; next: the warriors of Czarniecki and the last stamp depicts the Polish Flag."

Thank you Roman for this great philatelic cover! WOW!!!

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