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Thursday, March 14, 2013

Hello everyone. In response to last nights writing I received this information. Just goes to show how good it is we can all learn from each other if we share out knowledge. That lovely sheet is firstly celebrating 2 Royal silver weddings (25 years), King George & Queen Elizabeth's in 1948, and Queen Elizabeth & Prince Philip's in 1972; and secondly, the Stampex twentieth anniversary (1973). Now I feel good. Thanks to Jill from Melbourne Australia. Tonight, and in keeping with Royal themes I thought you might like to see this lovely MS. It is Fiji MUH 1985 - SG MS 705 with a Catalogue value of £3.50. And, shameless plug, I apologise, but cannot resist, because how else will you know if I don't tell you :-) it is in my Bidstart Store at lot number click here Enjoy your stamps and the wonderful knowledge they can can bring to you. Michael
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