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Monday, June 12, 2017

This is from the 1997 Fauna and Flora series showing various images of the Kakadu Wetlands.  Lovely issue. Hope you enjoy seeing this $10 stamp which has reflective gold coloured inking of the word Australia and the $ value.  They is why it looks black in the scan. 

I found these and some other nice earlier issues when I was putting stamps on the orders I will be mailing from Australia later this week.  I will be mailing orders from Sydney as it will ensure faster mail delivery time - especially for Australia and New Zealand customers. 

Only three full days before I fly out, so if you want maybe this stamp used on a letter,  and a free perforation guage  - my special is free gauge with orders over $5 and I have 2 left I should add, then get your order in soon.   Visit the online store here

And in case you did not know - The Kakadu Wetlands are in the Kakadu National Park in the Northern Territories. The Park covers an area of just over 19,000 square kilometres – that is the size of Slovenia for example, or half the size of Switzerland.   A really amazing place. 

Enjoy your stamps    Michael
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