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Monday, December 16, 2013

Hello, A Christmas stamp tonight, from Canada because I like it. And, it was another I found while sorting through some stock over the past few days. Issued in 1996, SG 1711, one of a set of three. Of course it reminds me how much I miss the snow. Not!!!! And, it also reminds me to tell you that I now have over 8000 lots in my Bidstart store including this and the others from the issue. I know I bore you telling you about my Bidstart store but how else am I to let you know, especially if you have some gaps in your collection that you want to fill. This last post for a few days I think as have a few busy evenings ahead then flying back to Sydney for Christmas. Will write from there and hopefully pick up the new Australia Christmas stamps while there. Maybe even the Christmas Island issue. Maybe even as a prize for Christmas :-) Best wishes to all and thanks for reading my blog this past year. Michael and if you want to look at the Bidstart store offers just visit and chose the country you are looking for.
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