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Tuesday, January 25, 2022

Hello again, one more from Jamaica. I hope you enjoy seeing this stamp.   Titled Bamboo Walk and one more from the 1938  pictorial definitive series I mentioned previously.

You might think this is just a few bamboo trees colourfully named but in fact it is a special place. Also called Bamboo Avenue it is on the main South Coast Highway, between Middle Quarters and Lacovia.

The avenue was planted with Bambusa Vulgaris, a specie of Bamboo which was the largest variety introduced in Jamaica. The avenue is approximately two and a half miles long with the tall bamboo forming a canopy over it.

All this from a  simple stamp.  well not actually a simple stamp. If you have a copy check the watermark. It is multiple script CA  but if the A is missing you are going to be very financially happy I think.


and  with thanks to my friend at  British Commonwealth Album  here   -  and you might enjoy a visit to his online store  the Used Stamp Collector here.

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